Daily Tourette Syndrome Links: Wednesday, March 14

Here are the past few days’ Tourette Syndrome-related links from websites all over the Internet. This is just another way TSParentsOnline hopes to help the parents of the TS community. Also, we are looking for more parent contributions. We would love to hear from you! Thanks!

Living with Tourette Syndrome: Coprolalia

“People make fun of me every day of my life, and I’ve had enough”

New York Democrats looking to add $168,000 to budget for Tourette

Are my 6-year-old’s twitches TS?

A college student’s medical look at Tourette Syndrome

It’s OK to have Tourette

More than 35 Congressmen now signed on as co-sponsors of HR 3760

Is re-wiring the brain possible?

Circle of Moms: Almost 10-year-old with TS

LeRoy students showing improvement under treatment

South Brunswick students learning about living with Tourette Syndrome

Life with a Twitch: My life with Tourette Syndrome

BBC to debut singing show for people with Tourette


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