Daily Tourette Syndrome Links: Wednesday, Feb. 15

Here are the past few days’ Tourette Syndrome-related links from websites all over the Internet. This is just another way TSParentsOnline hopes to help the parents of the TS community. Also, we are looking for more parent contributions. We would love to hear from you! Thanks!

“Emily’s Tic,” a children’s book about Tourette Syndrome, is now available on Amazon

Teen: It’s not a wink, it’s Tourette

Christian musical artist Jamie Grace on her first trip to the Grammy’s

Pregnant teen with TS starts braying like a donkey

Deep brain stimulation a miracle cure for one boy

Hysteria, and why it is so catchy

What makes them tic

Brave boy with Tourette Syndrome, other health issues still manages to smile

“But my symptoms are real!” — shedding light on Conversion Disorder

When should I seek help for my child’s Tourette?


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