Chronic Tics or Tourette Syndrome Research opportunities at Weill Cornell Medical College

Weill Cornell Medicine is conducting a research study for Children and Adults ages 7-25 with Tourette syndrome and Chronic tic disorders. For more information please call 212-746-5930.

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  1. Ive had Tourette Syndrome all my life. Sometimes its worse then others, when im out among strangers or people I have a fear of it & I can pretty much control it. They tried me on different medications when I was young and when I got older, but all they did was knock me out. But I find its a nervoos energy with me ,like my movments & my jerks are like a desperate need to get rid of the involuntary nervous energy symtoms. Except they won,t go away, its just a nervous pressure that continuously hangs on. It can be in any part of my body , sometimes in my chest to where I would just grunt or heave. I would like to find something that will calm my nerves, but not enterfere with my activities

    • I am so sorry , I ment to put my question on facebook, But I do know that suger, & coffee& pop with caffeine & even some sweets will set it off. Chewing gum will get my nerves going. I just hope & pray he finds relief, because I know how miserable & humiliating it is & especially when every body laughs at you.

  2. My son who is 23 suffers from tourettets. His tics are the worse they’ve ever been, he can’t even feed himself.

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