Anger and hope, all in one day!

552849_536119193106180_978517168_nLooking over Corey’s school records, even from before we moved to Missouri, and everything up until this year is great. Grades are awesome. Then all of the sudden, this year things just plunged downhill, right when his Tourette went full swing. I read one part in there where a teacher talks about getting Corey to cooperate with taking books to the library and he says, “Only if I can have a bathroom break,” and she responds that they’ll discuss it! WTF??? Who denies a child a bathroom break??? And they lied about things I said in phone conversations too! Seriously considering a lawyer! I’m one upset mommy!

But … I called Jefferson County Schools (in Colorado) and talked to them about Corey’s situation and they said the best thing to do would be to enroll him in a regular school to start with and have him work with their Special Education Departments because they have classrooms that are specifically set up for student interaction rather than isolation, and he may find that he can be comfortable in a traditional school if he’s not so singled out. If not, they’d test him to see if he’s a candidate for Sobesky Academy. :)

Awesome news! He might be able to just go straight back into mainstream school! Just need to get to Denver and find a place in Jefferson County. My research shows me they have the best schools for special needs kids. :) And I might be getting some help from a very amazing woman to help us raise some funds to move. I want to cry! I haven’t had this much hope in so long!

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