An update on supplements and behavior

Last week, I wrote about how everyone should try supplements to help with their kids if they have Tourette Syndrome, OCD or another associated neurological disorders. Here’s a brief update of how things are going on our end in that regard:

  • Stink’s tics have improved 90 percent from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. By 5 p.m., when he’s tired, we’re at a 60 percent improvement. Almost no verbal clicks or sentence interruption. Minor shudders only.
  • On the behavior front, other than having the teacher write to me saying that he and his best girlfriend, Miss Z, had to be “talked to” for playing tag by patting each other on the butt, he is doing awesome.
  • But because I have written this down, I will be cursed and he will start baying like a horse and be suspended for setting the lunchroom on fire tomorrow.


  1. Andrea, we actually have a question from someone here in our office about why you call your son Stink. We know it’s just a nickname to help keep him anonymous, but is there anything else to it? Thanks!

    • Hi –

      We call our son Stink because when he was a baby he was always getting into everything. My husband called him “Our little Stinker.” We are so used to the name, but as I write my book – and have people review my chapters – I realize that the name probably needs to go. It’s kind of off putting for some people. Funny how you just don’t see something as different once you get used to it – kind of like TS for some of us.

      • Andrea, that’s really interesting! I’ll pass that on here at the office. How are things out in California? Seems like you’ve been incredibly busy lately!

        — Jeff

  2. Supplements never worked for my son. Of course, maybe he wasn’t taking the right ones. Which ones have you used?

  3. I have using a naturally organic whole food supplement that ridded me of my neurological disorder dystonia, 17 1/2 years ago. I am still taking it and am 95% symptom free. I also found out it helped other neurological disorders such as tourettes, MS alheimres, epilepsy and multifocal motor neurapathy. For more information, please go to http://www.neurowellnessnetwork.com.

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