A little Thanksgiving poetry as times they are a changin’

Twas the day ‘fore Thanksgiving

And all through the house

Stink was ticking acutely

Like a video game mouse

His mother was worried

It seemed too much to bear

With housecleaning and shopping

(Let’s not talk of her hair!)

It hadn’t been cut

In three months … maybe more

Plus the pit bull had puked

On the living room floor

Between frets about job hunts

And descending in-laws

It dawned on this mama

That there was a flaw

Maybe she didn’t need to worry so much

Perhaps on herself she was being too tough?

A big bit of crazy talk stuck her head

“Maybe … just maybe … I mean

Maybe… instead

God isn’t interested in a few tics and twitches”

Is it possible he’s telling her the secret to riches

Isn’t focusing much longer on a wonky condition

That if left to her brain, would cause nothing but bitchin?

“Is it possible,” says God, “That you’re meant for some writing

That’s a bit more uplifting… a lot more exciting?”

I’m starting to think, folks

I’m over Tourettes

I’m not over YOU

But for me what is best

Is to focus on the wonderful things of my boy

The laughter and humor… the love and the joy

My son brings such magic

Despite a few shakes

It’s time that his mother

Stops making mistakes

It’s time she stop writing about what cannot change

But go back to words that can show off her range

I’m missing my Silverstein … my Suess … and my Dahl

I’m missing the passionate fun of it all

So while my work can be archived …

And soon there will be a book

My blogging is going to have a new look

It will focus on poetry … on humor … on laughter

Let the sunshine explode from floor to the rafters

May I write some new things

To the delight of your kids

To bring out the fun that we sometimes keep hid

I hope that you’ll join me on the new path I travel

It will take a wee bit for this all to unravel

But when it does, I’ll pass on the new link

I’d sure love your readership

What do you think?

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