Where Are They Now? – Natasha Vacca

My name is Natasha and I am a NJCTS scholarship recipient. Currently, I study neuroscience at the University of Rochester with minors in Spanish and Psychology. I’m a TA on campus for neuroscience and chemistry courses and a STEM tutor. One of my highlights of my university experience is being involved in research in the Uy Lab where I investigate the effects of parasitism on the host neural pathways and systems.

While not studying or in the lab, I’m a part of College Feminists, American Lung Cancer Screening Initiative, and the Medallion Leadership Society. I absolutely love being a student researcher and will be applying to graduate school in the near future to pursue a career in research. NJCTS has helped me get to the point where I am today and allowed me to be surrounded by those going through similar situations. Now, I live my life not as phased by TS and am very grateful for my community and wonderful life!

To celebrate 20 years of NJCTS we will be showcasing 20 stories of adults with TS who were once involved in the organization and now all grown up! Stay tuned as we share all of these incredible and successful stories!