Using Creative Arts in Therapy: Benefits of Music, Dance/Movement and Art Therapy

Kathleen NacePresenter: Kathleen Nace, MT-BC, NMT

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Ms. Nace explained how Creative Arts Therapy is used to help in reducing anxiety, as well as lifting mood, and self esteem building. She also explained how it can help with expressive language, memory, relationship development and pain management.


  1. NJCTS says:

    How would I know if I should have my child do group or individual therapy?

    • KathleenN says:

      Hello –
      To answer your questions:
      1. Group versus Individual Therapy: Group therapy is appropriate for individuals who are focusing on developing social skills. Group goals would be general social skills goals that are usually pre determined before groups start – turn taking, sharing, building peer relationships, etc. Individual goals are specifically tailored to each participant and usually determined through an assessment with each individual. These can be related to social skills – or communication, fine/gross motor, cognitive skills, etc. Many people enjoy the benefits of both individual and group!

  2. NJCTS says:

    I have Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (Dance) and Masters in Clinical Counseling. Would I be able to get certified as a Dance therapist or would I need to complete a separate master’s degree?

    • KathleenN says:

      2. In regards to getting certified as a dance therapist: I believe that you would need to go for your masters in creative arts therapy but there may be credits from your clinical counseling degree that would transfer over!