Youth Ambassador wows Dean of Students at New Jersey middle school

Yesterday, Tourette Syndrome Youth Ambassador Sarah Ethridge talked about TS in front of more than 250 students and teachers at Warren Middle School. This presentation came on the heels of a September 24 presentation to 55 teachers at Lafayette Elementary School in her home town of Chatham.

Following yesterday’s presentation, Warren Middle School Dean of Students Scott Cook e-mailed the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders (NJCTS) — for which Sarah does these presentations — to praise her efforts. We’d like to share his words with you now:

As the Dean of Students of a middle school, one aspect of my job is to bring to the school events, activities, and speakers that somehow can positively affect our students.  I’ve seen many speakers who try to convey information and make their words inspirational.  It works sometimes. 

In the case of Sarah Ethridge, I can honestly say that she is easily one of the best speakers that we’ve brought into Warren Middle School since I’ve been here.  She is dynamic, engaging, hilarious, happy, positive, honest, quick on her feet, and an absolute inspiration to anyone that has the opportunity to hear her speak.

Dozens of teachers and students shared with me throughout the day just how much of an impact Sarah had on them.  Sarah was swarmed with 6th graders after her presentation all wanting to ask a question, share a thought, give her a hug, or just be closer to her magnetic charm.

She was able to educate our students, generate strong currents of empathy, and leave an invaluable and lasting impression.  Few people that I know can do that.  It was an astounding success and we plan to invite her back, if she is willing, to speak to our 7th and 8th graders. I am so happy that you too see the value in Sarah.  Thank you for giving her this opportunity.

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