You’re not alone: My son and I have walked in your shoes

My son, Garrett, used to have full-blown tics — both vocal and physical tics. He was an avid hunter and premier soccer player prior to his Tourette Syndrome exploding. Garrett wanted to stop the tics by taking an overdose, and as a result, he missed 42 days of school one year. But now, he has been drug-free for four years.

Garrett is the proud owner of YOJ sports, soon to be named Andover Hunt and Fish. He has been interviewed by two newspapers about his TS, including the New Jersey Herald. Garrett also is taking two classes at the County College of Morris. I’m not sure if I found the right “cocktail,” but his TS is now gone.

No one can believe that Garrett is the same boy who suffered with severe Tourette from 6th grade through the beginning of 9th. I cried many times during our period of Tourette and am so very thankful our son has no more tics.

Yet I feel guitly for the families whose children have Tourette. Life wasn’t fair many times for ys during those school years, and it’s not fair for you now. I just want all who are struggling with this themselves to know that I, and my family, have walked in your shoes.


    • I now have a bad memory I used Dr. Sandy Waran initially orab made my son a vegetable he gained 30 lbs in 3 months we switched to other drugs I will sign anything to open his medical records to share in the mean time we saw Dr. Celeste Jacque garrett was placed on abilify then a low dose of adderall to help in school I fought for my son for three years giving him unlimited tutoring to help him. He was allowed chew gum in class. Sorry for my memory lapse my husband may be able to share what we had him on

  1. This sounds familiar. Good on ya for sharing this. It describes very much what my family had to go through. It was tough as a mum to watch my son go through this. I wish the best to ya! Cheers!

  2. can you describe the things you tried for him? My son Nick was diagnosed last december. He is now 12. Middle school is a trying time…..his vocal tics have gone through the roof. Some days I don’t know how I will make it through…..my anxiety is horrible now. Thanks for any information.


    • call me 201 230 5505 I use to remember I can tell you I used two different doctors and hopefully found the right cocktail my mailbox is full I will delete out asap home 973 7867506

    • call me 201 230 5505 i have poor memory saw dr. waran and dr jacque in livingston i figure out with drugs worked dr jacque gave abilify

    • i saw dr waran first prescripton made him a vegetable orab also dr jacque gave him abilify
      201 230 5505

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