“Why me?” doesn’t exist for my youth ambassadors

sarahannapresentation1Don’t ever believe that Tourette Syndrome will prevent your child from achieving great things. Last year, I wrote about my son and oldest daughter with Tourette Syndrome. I mentioned that my daughter was diagnosed at age 11 and never asked “why me?”

This year, my other daughter was officially diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at age 12. We knew for some time that she had it, but up until this year, her symptoms were pretty mild so we didn’t take her to the doctor until now.

Once again, I am blown away by the strength and character my children display in regard to Tourette. Sarah also never asked, “why me?” Instead, as soon as she was diagnosed, she asked if she could become a youth ambassador for Tourette Syndrome to help educate others. Sarah’s older sister, Anna, was trained as a youth ambassador last year and gladly trained Sarah.

This week, not only did Sarah get the chance to give a presentation, she gave 6 presentations! Sarah and Anna worked together and presented to six classes in their middle school, back to back. They did an awesome job! By the end of the day, at least 150 students (and a few teachers) had a much better understanding of this disorder.

The kids loved the presentations and asked great questions. The guidance counselor sat in for the first presentation. He asked how long the girls had been doing this. He could not believe that it was Sarah’s first time.

I know my children will be very successful in their lives. Tourette Syndrome taught my children they can accomplish anything if they try hard enough. Sometimes, they just have to go about it a little differently than others.


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