Why is it so easy to be obsessed with things?

For years, I wondered why I am so easily obsessed with things. While lightning no longer terrifies me as it did when I was little, I’m fully aware that my new obsession is tornadoes. I’ve spent hours upon hours learning about them, watching shows like, “Storm Chasers,” looking at picures of them, studying the sky. I spent an hour two days ago learning about wall clouds. And I’m fully aware it’s not normal to be so interested in tornadoes without a meteorology degree. But I am, and I’m aware of it.

OCD Recovery Centers describe ruminations as, “becoming “stuck” and ruminating over aspects of relationships, work, self-image, diet and exercise, person hygiene, even a dream from the previous night.” Most of the sources I’ve read say that rumination is often time-consuming and doens’t really solve problems, just exacerbates anxiety. I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, I don’t have severe OCD. While I definitely struggle with aspects of it, my ruminations aren’t as intrusive on my life as I guess they could be. While I’ve definitely wasted a lot of time ruminating (I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many hours I’ve given to this over the course of my lifetime), I generally have the ability to “put it on pause,” so to speak. I can see how this could seem impossible to stop in people who struggled with more severe cases of OCD.

As for me, however, I cannot necessarily say that the ruminations are bad or good. Have I solved every problem I’ve ruminated over? Not by a long shot. And while I could have gotten a lot more done during some of those periods of time, they’ve helped make me a deep thinker. They have given me the desire to learn. They’ve helped make me into who I am. As always in neurological disorders, the type and depth of ruminations will depend on the individual.

But as for me, at least I now know a buttload about tornadoes.

Tornado Closet

*Note: This is Hubby and me in our tornado closet (We hide in there when the sirens go off.). I’m smiling because if I don’t, I know I’ll have a meltdown.

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