“Why do you let Tourette rule your life?”

This week I’m taking a week off from the “52 Weeks of TS” series that’s been posting here on the TSParentsOnline blog for the past 41 weeks. Today, I want to talk about one simple question that someone asked me:

Why do you let Tourette rule your life? 

What an interesting question. I don’t think my Tourette rules my life, it inspires me. I let my writing rule my life, and my ability to educate and inspire other people.

There are hundreds of thousands of kids and parents of kids that are dealing with complex disorders and syndromes, that they don’t understand. It’s even harder for the parents when the medical professionals don’t fully understand it.

These parents and children search for understanding, and I think through my writing (books and blogs) I have helped bring a little bit of understanding to the complexity of Tourette Syndrome. I have heard from hundreds of parents telling me how through my writing, they understand what their child is going through, and kids saying that I have wrote what they are trying to say. they feel like they are reading about themselves.

The most effective way to educate is opening your mouth, and that’s what I have done. we all have the ability to educate, but first we have to open up.

If children do not learn the way we teach them, then we must teach them the way they learn.

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