Which neurologist should I choose for my son?

Hi, my son started having tics earlier this year. Tourette Syndrome runs in my family, so we are 99 percent sure my son has it, too. My husband and I are trying to figure out which neurologists are worth the wait. I got a list the other day, and our pediatrician-recommended one that is not on it. Can anyone share positive experiences they have had? We are new to this and would appreciate any insight we can get. Thank you!


  1. Dr Elliot Grossman in Florham Park NJ is extraordinarily caring. My child with ts has been cared for by him for several years now and we have always felt we made the best decision in choosing Dr Grossman.

  2. I have several clients that I have been seeing who are using Dr. Cargan. Apparently a few others got to you before I did, but I wanted to add to this “survey” that everyone has wonderful things to say about him and his knowledge of TS. So I do think he is someone to seriously consider. The one negative is that I am told he does not take insurance. But if you are lucky enough to have out of network benefits, you could at least be reimbursed a portion of what the visit costs. Everyone says he is well worth it! Good luck!

    Gayle Forman

    • My kids go to Dr Hillary Raynes she is in Manhattan at Beth Israel. She has called me back promptly when I have concerns, She never discounts our thoughts about our children. I did go to a great one in CHOP in Princeton. She was wonderful but did not accept my insurance. Was to expensive to continue. good luck

  3. We also bring our daughters to Abba Cargan. He is smart, thoughtful and thorough. I agree, though, his waiting list is long. But, he has spoken to us on the phone when we need to ask a question so that has been nice.

  4. Dr Abba Cargan in Mountainside. He is out of Overlook and is a great pediatric neurologist versed in Tourette Syndrome. I brought my daughter to him after first dealing with another ped neuro where I was less than thrilled with the visit. Dr Cargan takes the history himself and spends time with you and your child and you alone to discuss. He does not deal with insurance companies. The wait list can be extremely long, but, depending on the circumstances you might be able to shorten the time or get in on a cancellation list.

  5. Hi, my son is 12 years old and has TS and OCD and he was diagnosed at 7 years old! We have taken him to Morristown to Advocare Pediatric Neurology Associates for 5 years now and he sees Dr. DeSouza and my son loves him and they take the time for your questions and concerns.It is worth our 40 minute drive as there are not a lot of Pediatric Neurologists in NJ! Hope it helps,good luck! : )

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