What are you looking for in a Tourette Syndrome blog?

Greetings from Los Angeles. As of today, tics for Stink remain at a minimum. (Knock on fake wood desk.) I need to make a few gluten-free sandwiches with natural strawberry jelly and carrot sticks (can you feel my son’s excitement?) so I’ll keep this short:

Is this blog enough? Assuming I continue to write a couple of times per week, I really want to know: Why do you come here or to my Happily Ticked Off site?

  • Tips on diet?
  • Emotional support?
  • Doctor referrals?
  • Homeopathic aids?

I ask because I’m considering doing another site – a kind of “upgrade” support-group type site.

I belong to my beloved private one – Twitch and Bitch – and it’s been awesome. As much as I love writing here – and will continue to for FREE – I wonder if maybe it’s time to dig a bit deeper and bust out the diet charts, the doctor referrals throughout the USA, the homeopathic ads and all the stuff that has really helped Stink and I.

The fee would be minimal and it would provide a deeper connection to folk going through crisis. As a produced TV and magazine writer, it would also allow me to continue to make a living at my craft providing content for what I am passionate about, rather than taking on another gig pushing organic diapers for $5 bucks a post to elite parents with kids named after cities and house plants whose feeeeeelings define the universe.

My concern, of course, is that I don’t come of predatory. A big reason I don’t have blog ads here is that I am not a fan of the whole “Oooooh, your son is having seizure like face tics? Click on my ad for magnesium so I can make 5 cents on a click-through and you can waste money on a supplement that may or may not work.) For the record: Love the magnesium! More on that another day.

In conclusion, please consider reading, commenting and writing for this site. TSParentsOnline could use some love and some bloggers also. Are you a writer? I will hook you up here! Great for your portfolio and you can help moms and dads struggling with tic issues.

And be sure to check out the latest post here about dental appliances and tics. I spoke about that once before and it’s an option if your kid’s tics are really yukky.


  1. I received quite a few comments on my personal blog about this. Looks like folk are looking for diet and supplement tics, as well as a connection to other people, a positive outlook, emotional support and humor. Anything else? Andrea

    • We’re glad you received comments, Andrea, and are so thankful for your contributions. We don’t doubt that people want to read this blog, as evidenced by our continuing excellent numbers, but we don’t believe people want to be interactive with it. And judging by interaction around Facebook about TS, we just don’t understand it. We wish we did.

      It also seems that people are really into memes, pictures and other things that can provide a lift or smile. Those seem to be really popular.

  2. Alternative meds haven’t done anything for my son, so that wouldn’t be my interest, personally. I just like hearing personal stories about the ups and downs of parenting a kid with TS+.

  3. I think this one is just fine. Couldn’t be better. There is nothing like this based out of Australia, I can tell ya that! Why don’t more people give commentary though? I feel like I’m the only one sometimes.

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