Well, it’s not Autism

Well, there is no indication of Autism disorder, and Dr. Fisch also believes there’s no evidence of ODD or mood disorder — that it’s just a culmination of the TS, OCD, ADHD and anxiety bringing on frustration that he doesn’t know how to cope with, which points to adjustment disorder.

We’ve knocked out two of the most worrisome diagnoses that he had and eliminated the possibility of another, and we even talked about our wanting to move to Denver. She grew up in Jefferson County schools, and her sister taught there, and she says that Colorado takes all their surplus funds and — unlike other states — puts it into their schools.

The schools up there are some of the best in the country — especially for special needs kids, so once we get moved and settled in and get Corey tested for where he needs to be, he’ll start settling in and a lot of his more troublesome symptoms will likely start to disappear. This is good news!

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