Weird or just normal?

I’ve heard many people with different neurological disorder mention weird and freaky symptoms that can be somewhat unsettling no matter how many times it happens. Sometimes these occurrences cause the person the feel anxious, scared, worried, etc. They can also make one feel a change in perception or that they’re “losing it”.

Unfortunately, doctors don’t always have the answers or at least one that you would like. Often people suffer in silence thinking there is nothing they can do.

Ever since I was little one of the weirdest and most unsettling symptoms I’ve experienced has been what I’ve dubbed “the fast feeling”. To this day, I’m not entirely certain what it is, although from brief research I have come to believe it takes place in my frontal lobe, possibly what they term a micro-seizure. Disclaimer: This is my own observation and should not be taken as a substitution for medical advice.

Anyway, enough with the technical stuff. This fast feeling would come on somewhat subtly and quickly. One day I was doing dishes and fixing something to eat for lunch. All of the sudden, all the sounds I heard and the movements I did or observed changed in perception.

Everything sounded really loud. I began to feel anxious. Every time I moved or someone around me did, it felt as though it were happening at an accelerated rate and yet somewhat slow at the same time. I wanted to stop moving and just hide under my blankets with my eyes and ears covered until everything quieted down and went back to normal, but I was afraid, if I stopped doing “normal” tasks, it would get worse and I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

So, I kept going and with some intervention and support from my mum, eventually things resumed as usual and it stopped as quickly and subtly as it started. I’ve had episodes like that that lasted from five minutes to an hour.

Fortunately, it decreased in frequency as I got older and now it only happens once in a blue moon. It’s scary when that sort of thing happens and it’s even worse if you happen to be alone when it does. My point in telling you this story was not to scare anyone or make them feel sorry for me, but to let you know that, when these “weird” instances happen to you, you’re not alone.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re “losing it” or that somethings horribly wrong. Sometimes the brain glitches and it can take a bit for it to reset. Mine is only one instance, so feel free to share your own story and comments. :)

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