Updated supplement list

Many of you have asked about Stink’s Supplement List. I have written several posts in the past about it here. But here is an update.

Please note: This is what works for Stink, but might not work for you. TS is wonky, with some folk needing specific supplements for their kids with OCD or ADD or more. Although you can do what I did and fight with your husband about wacky supplements you buy off the internet, vitamin shops or simply the hippy at the Renaissance Fair who claims to cure head nods through hemp and organic whale balls, I suggest you go through a homeopathic doctor or expertly trained nutritionist.

Neurologist Warning: Do not expect a Western Medicine trained neurologist to tell you how to help your child naturally because they will look at you like you are a Cling-On and write you off as Jenny McCarthy’s best friend with more conspiracy theories than Shirley McClain.

Dosages (Taken morning only with food)

  • 1 Chewable Suntheanine Natural
  • 1 Nordic Naturals Children DHA – 250 mg
  • 1 Magnesium Citrate – 200 mg
  • 1 Taurine – 500mg
  • 1 Vitamin Code Raw B Complex
  • 2 Juice Plus Fruit Chewables
  • 2 Juice Plus Veggie Chewables

Diet: In addition to supplements, Stink is 80 percent gluten and dairy free with loads of fresh fruits and veggies. We are working our way into the “Organic Only” zone, but I have to do this slowly or my head will explode which isn’t amazing for tics control.

Update on Stink as of September 2013: He was on 2mg of Intuniv for focus but now is not as it made him very tired. I will consider something else for him if his academic and personal life are adversely affected. Also, he is only taking the Juice Plus now as we have been lazy and so far tics are still very manageable. As soon as there is a spike we will go back to the regular routine again.

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