TS Awareness Month: “Mockingbird,” a poem by my daughter

For TS Awareness Month this year, instead of sharing TS facts, I have posted a video, blog post or poem showing the effects on NON AWARENESS on my Facebook page. Today, I chose to share a poem by my daughter Ally that she wrote back when she was first diagnosed. It was about the bullying she received mainly from the staff at her school. Please share her poem if you like.


The penetrating shrieks it makes,
traps you in a horrible game of risk.
It’s toxic acid, spitefulness,
punches a disintegrating hole of misery
in your heart.

They travel in flocks, looking for victims to mock and tease.
Mocking, mocking always teasing.
Soon they chase you out of safety,
crushing your self confidence
leaving you to cower in fear.

You set sail as an outcast in the ocean of loneliness.
Hoping your Guardian Angel will lift you up once more.

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