Tourette Syndrome isn’t just a one-time proposition

Tourette Syndrome has impacted every fiber of my being — from that uneventful day of going shopping with my beautiful 7-year-old son who suddenly couldn’t stop shaking his head to the present (14 years later). This syndrome, disease, affliction, disorder, whatever you want to call it, has and continues to teach me so much about myself and others.

Apologies to “The Good, Bad and The Ugly,” because I don’t always like who I am when I have reached what I perceive as at my “rope’s end”, not being tolerant of all the sounds, not being understanding of others that don’t understand. Fortunately, I have more good than bad and ugly!

I understand why people might not want to be around people that make sounds. Is it right? Sometimes, I think yes. I tell my son that he has to be a good citizen. Be considerate of others. He feels bad himself when he is intolerant when a friend of his tics drive him crazy.

There are no completely right answers, and that I am thankful for. It gives me, (us) latitude to do what we feel works for us. Occasionally, we reach harmony and sometimes not.

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