Topamax TS medication wasn’t for me

So for the first time in more than 15 years, I decided to try some medication for my Tourette Syndrome. I had heard about it, and so I decided to give it a try. It’s called Topamax, and fortunately I decided to keep a daily journal of all the positives, negatives and generally how I felt:

Day 1 – 50mg: Not much difference, slight relaxation in tics

Day 2 – 75mg: Body tics noticeably better, face tics same as always. Very tired, bad taste in my mouth, and my heals feel like they are falling asleep (pins & needles)

Day 3 – 100mg: Body tics much better, facial tics remain the same. I have to chew gum to counter act the nasty taste constantly in my mouth. Sometimes I find it hard to focus. I also find myself bored easily

Day 4 – 100mg: Same as yesterday. Foods taste weird. I no longer enjoy the sweet sweet taste of coke and red bull. Sometimes feel a bit jittery. Tiredness beginning to subside. Over all I do like the way I feel aka lack of tics.

Day 5 – 100mg: I constantly lose track of what I am doing. I constantly misspell things. My memory has gotten a lot worse. I hope these side effects even out. My mind no longer races with 50 thoughts at once

Day 6 – 100mg: I find that my OCD is no longer what it used to be as shaving my head and parking my car (perfectly) are both next to impossible

Day 7 – 100mg: A dull headache and frequent sick stomach plague me. Nothing overwhelming but defiantly noticeable. Occasional dizziness, possible depression? Not sure yet.

Day 8 – 100 mg: I sometimes find it hard to talk, and when I am done talking my mind feels “empty”. My whole body buzzes occasionally. My lips tingle. I am starting to miss what makes me “ME” Not sure if this all is worth it.

Day 9 – 100mg: Went to men’s breakfast at church, when it was over we went to go up to the upper building to watch a video but for some unexplained reason I ended up at my parents’ house 15 miles away.


Side note — Though I enjoy the feeling of being “normal,” I find it to be quite boring!

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