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I’ve been trolling a lot from my private group just because so much gold has been mined. I can’t help but share some of the nuggets. I promised them, even though I keep their names anonymous, that I won’t be “using” them forever for their stories. But sometimes I can’t help myself.

And since my group is called “Twitch and Bitch” I occasionally have to take advantage of my bitches. (Margaret, I’m sorry. That really was kind of crass. Please forgive me. It’s bad enough that I went through 3 takes of a video I’m making because I accidentally used my kids’ real names. Your security motions are slaying me!)

The other day, a mom — who I’ve known over 5 years — was freaking out over upping her son’s medication. She is nervous about upping it, even though she thinks he needs it, because she’s worried about what will happen if it doesn’t work. She’s afraid she might not be able to handle the disappointment.

I TOTALLY understand this. For you new moms out there, this is so very very valid. For you old-time TS moms, this is a valid feeling. The only difference between newbies and old timers, however, is that I get to be harder on the old timers. They are tougher, and if they are not, I make them tougher by giving them a little Andrea boot camp. I call it the Twitch and Bitch Slap.

Maybe you could benefit from this, too. If I hurt your feelings, I’m sorry. Please know it’s for your own good. And if you disagree, feel free to say so! (But it doesn’t change my mind.)

My Note to Old Timer Sad Mom

Here’s your Twitch and Bitch-slap:

  1. Get a therapist.
  2. If you don’t like the therapist, find a new one.
  3. If you don’t like that one, find a new one after that.
  4. When you find a great therapist, go every week for a year.
  5. If you’re not feeling better after that, try something new. Consider medication. Consider church. Consider a job. Consider exercise.

I PROMISE YOU. You can’t NOT do what I prescribed and not feel better. It’s not possible. If you feel that it IS indeed impossible, it’s not, it’s just what YOU think about it and honestly, that is of no consequence. That “it’s not going to get better talk” is called depression. There is a cure for depression. Don’t know what it is? RE-read 1-5.

Take two drinks and get back to me in the morning.

Dr. Andrea

*** Note about drinking: I’ve done it when the stress has it. A lot of us have. But this is not a mechanism that should be a permanent fix. It’s a slippery slope between “mercy” and “alcohol abuse” and one that I find I have to watch closely. I hope you do, too. (Speaking of, it’s Saturday night and I’m drinking, shhhh, coffee. I know. I’m crazy. If Stink is going to head shake all day — which he’s been doing all week for whatever reason — I figure I can shake from too much caffeine in solidarity. I’m awesome that way.

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