THE GREAT WALL OF TICS — Share your tics with the world!

Just days before this blog was launched, the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada started a website called The Great Wall of Tics — a place for anyone to post about the tics that have resulted from their Tourette Syndrome.

We have received permission to take that idea and start it here on the TSParentsOnline blog. So please, comment away about your tics or the tics of your son or daughter. You can write about all of those tics in one comment, or dedicate one comment for each tic! Whatever you’d like to do is fine with us!

We just want to hear from you so the whole world can learn more about tics and the people who have them. This is YOUR blog and YOUR chance for 15 minutes (or more!) of fame. Why not seize it today and share your tics? The clock is … ticcing!

If you would prefer to post them on our Facebook or Twitter pages, you may do that as well. Or, you can write to us about your tics at parents@njcts.org. Once we receive enough tics, we are going to try and take our “Great Wall of Tics” and make it as public as possible! The more people that know, the more TS will be able to be better understood.


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