The Great Canadian Grid

This blog entry is written by Roddie MacDougall and originally appeared on an online forum about Tourette Syndrome. You can join the official TSFC Forum by clicking here.

Hello everyone. I’m a longtime TSFC member from way back. My name is Roddie MacDougall. Some just call me Rod. I am 46 and have been living with TS well… forever!  I would like to share with you what I’ve accomplished.  Because a lot of us with TS, including me, find ourselves isolated, afraid to meet others because of twitching, I decided to learn more about how to meet others without feeling isolated. At first it started as social media, but it’s become much more than that.

I am the developer and creator of a virtual world grid called The Great Canadian Grid for Canadians where people can come and be themselves, either as an avatar or a person or whoever they want to be—without feeling embarrassed—and meet others from Canada and around the world.

Currently I host the only Canadian virtual world open simulator grid, and I’d like others to see it. In the last five years of developing the grid I’ve discovered that it’s a great way to meet others without feeling isolated. I run the entire process myself with help from my global team and as of now I’m getting a license to allow streaming music and hosting for DJing inside the game.

Take care and hope to see you ‘in the world’ sometime!

Learn more at www.greatcanadiangrid.ca.

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