Thank you NJCTS for wonderful stories and a wonderful Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day!

Just a quick note to say that these write-ups are truly awesome, and how great to enlist Rutgers to pass them along!

TS AWARENESS WEEK: Rutgers students learn about clinical side of Tourette

TS AWARENESS DAY: Teen takes pride in Tourette advocacy

TS AWARENESS DAY: Events fete afflicted Tourette kids, families

TS AWARENESS DAY: Tourette Syndrome Day at the Patriots game

In addition, I wanted to thank NJCTS for a wonderful day on Sunday at Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day. They did such an amazing job, from communicating the timing of everything beforehand, to organizing all the groups of kids in fun activities, to speaking and hosting the ceremony — they were pros, and impressive to the point that my husband and family haven’t stopped reminding me that we needed to let them know.

Thank you all at NJCTS for a fabulous day!! We were the last family to leave after the end of the game, and Ethan fought us to stay even then!! On Sunday, we were so proud to be affiliated with NJCTS (not that we aren’t every other day, too!) and you all were a big reason why. Many thanks again for a fun and important day!!

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