Tenex works, give it time

We’re back on Tenex! Bug looks at me a few minutes ago and says, “Mom, why isn’t it working?” It is, trust me… my boy is calm, still and almost asleep by 11 pm for the first time in months! I told him to give himself a few days to readjust. His sleep has been so off lately, he was already tired and didn’t notice it taking effect! I looked over at him just now and he is out cold! Not working indeed! Love you, Buggito! So thankful for Dr. Matchell and hoping for a full night’s sleep for my Bug!


  1. Our daughter is also on intuniv , it’s been over a year now. It has helped with her tics a lot but she still tics just not as intense.

  2. My son is on Tenex. Works well to reduce tics for him only when combined with gluten free diet. Also helping him to pay attention more in class. No sure if it is the Tenex helping him to focus or him not having to worry about having so many tics during class.

  3. I have used tenex and now the long acting Intuniv for my children’s ADHD symptoms. It does seem to help, but not by itself.

  4. If I remember right I used this and it made my stomach sick. didnt use it for too long. never found a good pharm med that helped my ts.

  5. We were on tenex…now just intuniv for his combined Tourette, adhd and ocd…much better results.

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