Teaching the teachers about TS

We had a 504 meeting the second week of school. It was both of us, the psychologist, the counselor, all 3 teachers, and the principal joined us midway through the meeting. We tweaked his 504 and discussed a lot of what had happened last year. The teachers were very excited about him and said they loved having him in their classes.

Last week they said they wanted to set up another meeting to talk about how we can meet Jacob’s needs so he can be successful. While this sounds benign and helpful, all I can think about is what happened last year and how a teacher with a TS nephew wanted to “help” Jacob.

She punished him for tics, wouldn’t help him remember to turn in his homework, marked him down for missing assignments that he had completed but forgot to turn in and treated him like an idiot. She blamed him for everything and always believed his classmates over him.

For someone who supposedly has a relative with TS, she sure didn’t know much about it, other than the tics. Later in the year, she said her nephew was very noisy and made a barking sound. She was clueless about the behavioral issues. So to say I am nervous about meeting with the teachers is a huge understatement.

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