Teachers are NOT always right

So I was asked by Corey’s teacher this morning what tics I see in him because she’s “dealt with” kids with Tourette’s and doesn’t see it. I said it’s probably because of his meds and the fact that he’s waning but he has head shaking, throat clearing, grimacing and sniffling and that right now what is bugging him most are his co-morbidities.

She then said something about him being bothered by the noise, and I said, “Yeah, he has SPD.” She started to say something, but I said, “Yeah, he had a principal claim she knew Tourette’s, too, but when she wrote the request for records to his neuro she couldn’t even spell it.” Teacher said nothing more.


  1. also it’s important to make sure we have positive dialogue with teachers so it becomes less about “them” and “us”

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