Deep Brain Stimulation – Update on Matovic! (From my “Ticked” review)

A quick update to say that I heard from the wife of Jim Matovic — the man who had revolutionary Deep Brain Stimulation for his severe tics. My review of his book, written with Jim Fussell, is here. She wrote… Continue Reading


Book Review No. 1: “Ticked”

The good people of IPG Publishing recently sent me two books on Tourette Syndrome to review. One was “Ticked: A Medical Miracle, a Friendship, and the Weird World Of Tourette Syndrome.” The writer, James A. Fussell, talks in candid first… Continue Reading


Check out the new Tourette book “Ticked”

Jeff Matovic has lived more than half of his life with a cruel case of Tourette Syndrome. For years, he experienced violent tics at inopportune moments, swinging his legs and arms around like a marionette without any control, left feeling… Continue Reading