Ways to Support a Friend with Tourette, Part 6: Talk normally

ourette Syndrome is a two-sided coin. One side is that of the individual with the disorder, the point of view from which he sees the world. Then there’s the other side, the perspective of all those who are close to… Continue Reading


Replace fear with faith

I speak to so many of you worried mamas offline. I was once like you — scared about the future, dreaming of fearful “what-if” scenarios, wondering if my kid jumped up and down in excitement over a surprise Disneyland trip… Continue Reading


Deep Brain Stimulation – Update on Matovic! (From my “Ticked” review)

A quick update to say that I heard from the wife of Jim Matovic — the man who had revolutionary Deep Brain Stimulation for his severe tics. My review of his book, written with Jim Fussell, is here. She wrote… Continue Reading