Infant behavior before Tourette

Hi all.  I was wondering if your child had any “strange” infant /toddler behavior?  My son with TS was a C-section baby (my daughter was a C-section as well and has no symptoms) and a screamer. I say “colicky” but the doctor never labeled him with colic. Also, he spit up a lot — even from soy, so I went back to regular formula.

I tried alternating breast feeding with formula for two weeks, but had to stop since I spent most of my day not eating because I was pacing the floor as he slept — no nutrition from mom.

Even though he spit up a lot, he gained weight fine, so it really wasn’t an issue.  My son ALWAYS wanted to be held but I had to stand.  If I sat, he’d wake up screaming.  (How the heck did he know I sat?)  Fortunately for me, he did NOT want to lay in bed with us, or he’d probably still be there. 🙂

Yes, after the three-month mark the screaming was better.  He still spit up until a little after 14 months and a couple months after switching to milk.  He also put everything in his mouth for a really long time.  Toys,  paper,  leaves,  etc.  He was a pretty good eater back then.

Now, almost 10, he’s quite picky and doesn’t eat cooked vegetables.  Only raw!  Well, I asked about infant/toddler behavior, enough about now.  Thanks.