Being a grandparent to a 15-year-old with Tourette Syndrome is a learning process

I am writing this post because I didn’t want to feel alone in my situation. Being a grandparent to a young boy of fifteen with Tourette Syndrome is a learning process. He has come to live with my husband and… Continue Reading


Need advice: Coprolalia negatively affecting my son

Here is a post from a mother who wishes to remain anonymous. She could really use help, though, so please consider commenting with a reply if you are reading this. Thank you! I’ve asked questions before, and it always helps… Continue Reading


Running the marathon

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered about my kid is that he can be a bit of a manipulator it’s important to stop and really talk to him. This means when he is complaining about school, or crying about some… Continue Reading


A rocky start to school

My kid did not like the beginning of fifth grade. To start with, his best friend moved to San Diego. For seconds, his other two buds are in the other class. For thirds, as part of a “responsive classroom” technique,… Continue Reading


Help! We need to relocate to Denver for our Tourette son

Corey has Tourette Syndrome Plus. The plus means he has co-morbid disorders accompanying the TS. He has OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, ODD, anxiety and mood disorder w/ bipolar features. His former school could not facilitate his needs, causing him… Continue Reading


Another story of a special needs child being grossly mistreated

As the mother of a special needs child, I find the story about an 8-year-old special needs child being handcuffed and thrown in jail for throwing a tantrum very unacceptable. The child needed psychiatric intervention in the case where a… Continue Reading


How can an IEP request be turned down when it’s obvious?!

We’ve had a rocky start to the homeschooling process. Corey was down with the sickness for a couple of days, then it took me out completely (thanks Methotrexate, lovely medication right there! NOT!!!). Now, I’m looking at this, all compared… Continue Reading


Some links and some hard times at school

Hi everyone, I wanted to post a couple of links that I found online and also put on my Tic Tic Boom page on Facebook. I think you’ll find them very useful. Enjoy! Praising Children for Their Personal Qualities May… Continue Reading


Homeschooling by default

Ah, rejection – our constant companion over the years. Several weeks ago, I posted about our decision to homeschool.  As I wrote at the time, it has been a challenging path, even if, overall, it has been the “least-worst” option. … Continue Reading


Forging Our Own Path: The decision to homeschool

This is the second of three blogs today from New Jersey mom SarahG. Her first was on worrying less, while her third — to post later this afternoon — will focus on diagnosing Tourette Syndrome. When my son, O, was 3… Continue Reading