Webinars and Rutgers clinic can help with academic accommodations and assessments

The most recent webinar offered by the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders (NJCTS) focused on academic accommodations, and another webinar tomorrow, August 22 will do the same. However, as children age and go through the educational process, accommodations… Continue Reading


We Connect Now takes individuals with disabilities to the next level

We Connect Now is a website and nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting people on issues which affect people with disabilities, with a particular emphasis on college students, higher education and employment. We are often asked, “What’s next for We Connect Now?”… Continue Reading


Son battles hard, functions flawlessly under duress

My family and I have been experiencing  some extra stress over the past few months. As many people know, life can get more and/or less complicated at any given moment — especially in families with Tourette Syndrome. My updated story… Continue Reading


Battle with tics was rough, but daughter now is succeeding in college

I am unsure exactly when the TS actually started. From the time my daughter was about 2 years old, she began to experience what at the time was believed to be allergies and asthma; therefore, she was treated with medication… Continue Reading


Proud mother relishes watching TS twins succeed, enjoy life

My name is Ellen. I am mom to a boy/girl set of twins.  Each of my children have Tourette Syndrome, but they are on different scales. My son, Ben, has had severe TS since age 6. My daughter has a… Continue Reading