9 ways a Naturopath can help with tics and Tourette

Today I took Stink back to Dr. Carroll. It had been more than 3 years. Instead of fitting halfway on his exam table, Stink took up the entire table, his size 8 mens Nike’s hanging dangling off the edge. As… Continue Reading


Learning to be content

Easter and Passover are here. Didn’t we just have Christmas? How is this possible? As it is for us every Spring, Stink’s tics are up. Part of it has to do with the pollen. Part of it has to do… Continue Reading


Sniffing: Allergies or Tourette Syndrome?

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following blog entry originally was submitted on┬áLife’s A Twitch, a website run by Canadian psychologist Dr. B. Duncan McKinley. Question: Our daughter Lil T. had a winter season plagued with numerous head colds and sinus infections. She… Continue Reading


New book aims to help children with food allergies

I am excited to share the publication of my book, Nurse Teddy Bear Learns About Food Allergies. The book is a delightful yet informative story that would help all children, with or without allergies, learn more about food allergies. Nurse… Continue Reading


The link between food, ADHD and Tourette’s

When my son was diagnosed with mild Tourette’s five years ago, one of the first things I did was concentrate on reducing tics. I didn’t want to travel down Medication Highway right away, so I set my sites on some… Continue Reading


Son, mom discover TS after hearing about Tourette on Oprah

When my son was first born, I noticed he startled a lot, cried a LOT, didn’t sleep well and didn’t latch on properly for nursing. He cried almost constantly. We thought he had colic, but nothing helped. If we held… Continue Reading