Special appearance by nationally known Tourette blogger on Nov. 14

Nationally known blogger Andrea Frazer of the Tourette Syndrome blog Life Happins will be featured as a guest blogger on TSParentsOnline on Monday, Nov. 14. Frazer, who gained her notoriety as a blogger for BabyCenter and Good Housekeeping, has a son with TS who is almost 9 years old.

We look forward to her appeareance on TSParentsOnline and ask that you all check back Monday, Nov. 14, at 11 a.m. EST to view her entry. But we would love it if you would come back before then, too, to view the content of our many other wonderful parent bloggers, who will be sharing their life experiences about having a child with TS.

There are two entries already posted, from parents LauraD and KarenP of New Jersey. If you would like to join Laura, Karen, Andrea and the other parents as a contributor to TSParentsOnline, please send an e-mail to parents@njcts.org today! Thanks for reading!

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