Sometimes ignorance has nothing to do with bliss

My husband recently shared with me a conversation that he had with a person who posted a comment on our first Tourette’s interview. More often than not, the comments are positive and supportive. However, there will always be ignorant people who just don’t get it despite our best efforts to educate others and encourage an attitude of acceptance.

This particular viewer questioned our decision to call Jacob “normal” and proved to us that some people just aren’t worth engaging.

*Ignoramus: Why call him normal if he has a disorder?

warner13: I call my son Jacob normal because he IS normal. Yes, he has Tourette’s, but that does not define him. A lot of us have problems. Tourette’s is his. What is yours? I think it’s important to recognize and appreciate that we are all different, and it’s these differences that make us who we are as a society and culture. Hate and intolerance are things we learn as adults so we have a lot to learn from our children.

Ignoramus: My problems are unimportant. I find it strange that you would consider him normal when his disorder keeps him from being just that. We’re all a little different in our own ways, and I don’t think that anyone is normal. I have nothing against your son and I find it extremely offensive that you would associate my comment with hate and intolerance.

warner13: I find your comment about Jacob not being normal equally as offensive as you find my comment about those that hate or are intolerant. You are right about one thing. We are all different in our own ways, so why make the comment in the first place if you feel like no one is “normal”?

Ignoramus: My point is this: If you keep telling your son that his behavior is “normal” he’ll find himself in multiple situations where people aren’t so