Some tips for Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month

As we get nearer to Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month (May 15-June 15), a few tips:

  • PACE YOURSELF: The month lasts for 31 days so plan to spread your posts out so they aren’t all in the first week with little left to post the last week.
  • LIMIT YOUR POSTS: This may seem backwards but if you flood your friends with posts about TS they will start to ignore them all, if they see less but more thought provoking posts you’re more likely to draw their attention.
  • AIM FOR POSTS THAT LEAD TO QUESTIONS: And be open to answering them.
  • KEEP IT UP THE ENTIRE MONTH: We only get one so let’s make it count!!!



  1. Hear hear! Everyone worldwide should celebrate TS AWareness Month in their own way — on Facebook, Twitter or in person by themselves or with a group. What a wonderful month for some of the world’s most wonderful people!

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