Some links and some hard times at school

Hi everyone, I wanted to post a couple of links that I found online and also put on my Tic Tic Boom page on Facebook. I think you’ll find them very useful. Enjoy!

Praising Children for Their Personal Qualities May Backfire

Sleep Reinforces Learning

An Overview of Tics and Tourette Syndrome

On another note, my son had a major meltdown at school yesterday. Corey is being placed on home-based schooling until I can get the stuff I need to homeschool him myself. School is not a safe place for him right now. I knew it would come to this eventually, but I wanted to have everything set up to just pull him out. Feeling really lost right now.

I want to cry, but not in front of him. He won’t talk about it and I don’t know how. I just can’t picture him screaming and cussing at his teachers and throwing stuff around. Not this little boy who is hiding under a blanket on the couch because he thinks he’s in trouble. I just don’t get it.

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