Some days are better than others

581153_509971659054267_2137513823_nHello! We are new to this blog and to the Tourette Syndrome diagnosis, and my son Corey — who designed the above picture! — is having a bit of a hard time with it. Some days, like today when he made the picture, he is fine. Other days, he doesn’t want to even talk about it and sometimes just won’t talk at all.

It really helps him to see his Facebook page “likes” grow. He realizes he’s not alone, and that is a very big thing for any child with Tourette! Thank you for your support!

I do have a question: Anybody else’s kid take Intuniv? How has it worked for you and are you satisfied with its results?

Saturday was Day 2 of Intuniv. Corey’s only complaint is being sleepy, but he’s fighting it. He was dosed at 8:30 in the morning, then laid down after having a hotdog AND a bowl of mac & cheese for lunch (most he’s eaten at one time in like, FOREVER!!!).

I’m hoping he’ll be OK on this at school. He’s lot calmer today, and guess what! NO motor tics! Only vocal tics today. I want to cry from relief for once instead of from frustration!


  1. My son is 9 and has been on intuniv for about a year. The tics do seem worse if he misses a pill. He is a lot calmer with intuniv too. However, when we first started he was grumpy and tired for at least a month. Maybe longer. It took his body a long time to adjust, but it does help. So stick with it. I did change giving his Meds at morning to night and that seemed to help with tiredness. However, he couldn’t get to sleep. So we started talking Melatonin also. Ask your doctor before doing it, but it has helped a lot with mood changes and grumpiness. He takes 2 mg melatonin around 8:00 along with intuniv.

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