No summer camp for kids with TS … unless you have an “aid”

I called a camp for summer. I was thinking about enrolling Stink and Pip in musical theatre. I mentioned that Stink has Tourette Syndrome. Their response was that it’s fine — if he comes with an aid.

“An aid? He doesn’t even have an IEP, though,” I balked. “I just told you about his diagnosis so you wouldn’t freak out about a few tics during rehearsal.” Their response, “It’s fine! Really! As long as none of those behaviors that come with TS accompany your camper.”

Um… Huh. Head scratch head scratch WHAT????

I get it on some levels. They don’t have time to accomodate special needs kids who don’t come with special needs support. On another level, though, it’s frustrating. I lose either way.

If I don’t say he has TS, they’re going to wonder why he’s occasionally coughing or churping during “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” or adding individual neck rolls to “Doe a Deer.”

If I inform them of his condition, though, and he does something very Stink like – very sneaky and appropriate for any average NT 9 year old  – he’s automatically singled out as “The Tourettes Kid.”

Forget that racket! I spoke to my hubby and we’re enrolling our kids in the YMCA this summer. I don’t have the energy for this crap. Once he gets his tics dialed and we’re off this study, I’ll go back to fighting …

For now, I want to enjoy my summer, tics and all.

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