NJCTS webinars come highly recommended

The following post is from Steve, the administrator on the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada’s online forum.

I listened in on my first webinar presented by the New Jersey Center for TS last night and was impressed at the quality of the material being presented by an impressive presenter, Dr. Steven Tobias as psychologist who talked about “A Systematic Approach to Parenting.”

My surprise was that I learned a whole lot more than just parenting strategies, because Dr. Tobias talked about strategies that might apply to everyday relationships.

I found information that could be useful in my own life, so for me the experience was positive, and I’ll look forward to future webinars.

I would certainly recommend anyone interested in Tourette Syndrome and related topics to check out the schedule and register for future webinars that you might find pertinent to your situation.

This webinar can be downloaded from the NJCTS archives, along with the entire library of past webinars.

The schedule for upcoming webinars is located HERE.

Complete instructions and overview of NJCTS webinars is located in this Forum post.

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