New “Goodreads Group” for Tourette Syndrome-related literature!

The more popular self-publishing becomes, the more books there are on the market about Tourette Syndrome and similar neurological disorders, particularly memoirs. That’s why I was surprised when I tried to look up groups on Goodreads for Tourette Syndrome awareness, and not much came out of the search.

So I started the group, “Tourette Syndrome Awareness Reads.”

Goodreads Tourette Syndrome Awareness Reads Group

Its purpose is to give us a place to productively discuss literature that includes Tourette Syndrome in a positive, encouraging environment. Not all Tourette Syndrome literature is created equal; some books are hidden jewels, while others probably shouldn’t mention the disorder at all. I’d love to see people discussing these pieces of literature more so that we can work to find what the world of Tourette Syndrome really has and really needs. I’d also like to see books discussed that include comorbid disorders, or disorders that often occur with Tourette Syndrome.

If you have any suggestions for the group, please feel free to email me. I’ll do my best to bring some books to the table for initial discussion, but I’d love to see other people bring their finds as well. Thanks so much for your support, and have a great start to your week!

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