New book aims to help children with food allergies

I am excited to share the publication of my book, Nurse Teddy Bear Learns About Food Allergies. The book is a delightful yet informative story that would help all children, with or without allergies, learn more about food allergies.

Nurse Teddy Bear Learns About Food Allergies talks about how preparing your allergic child for school can be challenging. This book walks a young child through her first day of school, guided by Nurse Teddy Bear, and introduces people, places and concepts that the child and parents need to know.

The book can be purchased through Amazon.com, and more information about it is available by visiting the book’s website. Please share the book and encourage anyone you know that could benefit from the information to purchase the book.

As for my connection to Tourette Syndrome, I have done in-service presentations for many years in Bergen County, N.J., and have gone into schools to educate faculty and peer facilitation.  I am the parent of an adult daughter, who just made me a grandparent this month.


  1. After some research, I did find information, that found food allergens may cause or aggravate neurologic tic disorders. There might be food allergies that can trigger tics in certain people. There was a question whether the child had a food intolerance or sensitivity, rather than a food allergy which causes an anaphalactic reaction. Parents reported a decrease in tics from a monitored diet that avoids certain foods that might “trigger” a tic. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

  2. With all due respect, I think that is something you really need to look into. I’m not a doctor, but my son has T.S., and keeping him away from food that he’s “allergic” to really helps with tics.

    • I do not believe there is a relationship between food allergies and tics.

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