Need to just a few more families for a Tourette Syndrome TV documentary!

Thank you so much NJCTS for all your help on our show. We have spoken to a few AMAZING families and are just looking for a few more to throw into the bunch. Once again, here’s the details:

The creators of the hit TV show “Undercover Boss” are searching for families where 2 or more people have Tourette Syndrome to participate in a new documentary style TV show to share awareness in a positive light.

Our goal is to bring light to this syndrome and educate people throughout the United States about Tourette. We want to show viewers that a family with Tourette lives a normal, everyday life despite the immense challenges they face.

We are conducting short casting interviews now for our project and would love to talk to you!

Please contacts us with your contact info, explain to us who in your family has Tourette and why you would be interested in participating. We ideally are looking for families that have two or more people under the same roof who have Tourette.

If that’s you and you’re interested, please contact Vanessa Garcia at 424-732-6419 or vanessa.garcia@studiolambert.com, or Sage Sinopoli at 424-732-6397 or sage.sinopoli@studiolambert.com. More information is available by visiting www.studiolambert.com.

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