My Story: “One Twitch At A Time” part 5

Here’s the continuation of my story, which I have posted on here over the past couple of weeks and started on my One Twitch At A Time page on Facebook.

I was in shock … the girl of my dreams, who I had last seen almost 2 years ago, had somehow found me and was now standing in my front yard! We all headed into town and hit McD’s for some cheap grub, Joyce and I talked and talked, and she was every bit as wonderful as I remembered her being back in Brookings.

At the end of the night, Mike dropped me off back at my house, and once again I found myself having to say goodbye to Joyce. This time, however, I WAS GOING TO GET HER PHONE NUMBER!!!! I remember she tore the top off of her pack of Marlboro Reds box and wrote her name and number in it, and she gave me a hug good bye.

I remember feeling as though I had just had the best hug of my life (outside of Moms hugs!) we just seemed to fit together, like we were made for each other. But like I mentioned, I already had a girlfriend and I really wasn’t the cheating type, so Joyce and I talked on the phone for a couple of weeks before I finally became single again. And on March 16, 1991, we were finally able to be together! At long awaited last, the one who never saw the tics, the one who never saw the “weirdness” the one that God had made especially for me was finally mine!

It was amazing how well Joyce and I clicked. We never argued, we always had a great time together, and best of all we made each other want to be a better person. I immediately gave up my drug use, and I no longer felt the need to shoplift — that stuff all just organically went away.

We had been dating a few months, with our parents giving us rides to meet up. Then in July 1991 my father gave me his old VW Baja, and we were no longer at our parents’ vehicular mercy. Now, I was an extremely inexperienced driver and one day my buddy Mok and I were helping another friend work on his car, but he didn’t have the correct tool for the job, so Mok and I hopped in the ‘ol Baja and went to go raid my dad’s tool box for the right tools, but we never made it to my house.

We were on our way down Highway 101 when a big gust of wind caught my car and knocked me off the shoulder of the road.; So being the inexperienced driver I was, instead of slowly correcting the vehicle, I jerked the steering wheel and massively overcorrected — causing the car to slide sideways in the gravle shoulder — and as the car got to the asphalt, the big 31-inch tires caught traction and sent it rolling three times between a car and a semi, then two end-over-ends — tossing me out along the way before coming to a rest, leaving me a mangled, bloody and broken heap on the side of the highway.

To be continued …

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