My son is getting mistreated badly in school and is depressed

I need help. My son has had Tourette Syndrome for 3 years now. He is 12 1/2, and I’ve recieved no help or support. The West Elm School was very nasty to my son and has not even shown an interest in helping him. He has been in his room most of the summer with tics and sleep problems.

I don’t know what to do. Because of the actions of people at the West Seneca and West Elm schools in New York, I’ve found that my son has become depressed — and I don’t blame him.

They told me that because my son says things that are not acceptable, it will not be tolerated! Are you kidding me?! It’s like a sneeze — you can’t help it! His tics can get bad. I hope someone reads this and tries to help us. We need a nonprofit lawyer to help, if anyone knows of any. Thank you for reading.


  1. Go to the new jersey TS site. This week, on Wednesday, theybare having an on line seminar on how to make schools follow the law with. 504 or IEP. You need to know his rights and tell the school….do your job or pay for my son’s private education . Period

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