Mountaintop moments

My son Drew is 19.  He was diagnosed with Tourette’s when he was 9. We learned quickly that it would be a tough road ahead for him and for us — and that many things would not come easy.

I have lots to blog about — lots of heartache and tears, lots of stress and anxiety, but I want to start with the mountaintop moments, as our family calls them.  Those moments where our children succeed, no matter what it may be — sports, music or a good grade, a new friend or a great teacher.

Those moments that help us remember that, yes, we can do this, yes it will be OK, and maybe there will be enough of these moments to pull us through the hardest of times.

Even after all these years, we had one of those moments recently.  It helped us once again stand on top of the mountain and say, Tourette’s does not define our child and it does not define us. And, if anything, it makes us stronger, more compassionate and better people.

It challenges us to look past a disability or a disorder and look into a person’s heart and really see them. I love those moments. I hope everyone reading this has one of those moments today.

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