Medical bills and Tourette Syndrome

Stink’s tics have been pretty minimal lately. We’ve got the jaw thrusts and the occasional shoulder shrug. We’ve got here and there light vocals. Yesterday in the library, he started in on this whole squat and stomach rumble and my first response was, “New tic? Meh, it’ll pass.” Turns out something else had to pass. (Yes, he needed to use the bathroom.)

I am stoked on two levels:

  1. I’m getting a heck of a lot better in accepting that we will have good and not good days. No need to fear.
  2. I’m also adopting a huge attitude of gratitude. Things in so many areas of my life could be a heck of a lot worse. Take this article from a mother in New Jersey. She has had a whole lot more to deal with than I have and likely you have.

If you are new to TS and are in that fearful place of “My son or daughter is going to bark like a dog nonstop and end up in a facility OH MY LITTLE BIRDIE,” then please don’t click on that link. It’s one that will speak to your biggest worry.

I am not normally a fan of such articles — for no other reason being that so many of the hype related TS stories have to do with the sensational side of Tourette. So many more people live lives like I do (and likely you do) where symptoms are manageable. I prefer to live by those examples.

And yet, some people don’t have it so easy. Like the mom who wrote that article. Or the link inside the article pointing out another family having a hard time paying off medical bills.

When you see articles like this, are you relieved that your child is doing a bit better? Does it scare you? Are you able to think about supporting another couple or mom financially or with some kind words to let them know they are not alone?

It’s past my kids’ bedtime. I have to read to them and say a few prayers. With tacos in our bellies, and a night of friends and Grandma and some silly laughs over their impromptu play, I have a lot to be grateful for.

‘Til next time.

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