Making a difference in people’s lives is better than getting thank-you’s

Our daughter, Tess, recently spoke at a “Celebrate Uniqueness” Day in South Brunswick, and she just received a PILE of thank-you cards with sentiments such as:

“I didn’t realize people with these type of disabilities suffered a lot from other people who did not understand about it.”

“After watching ‘Head of the Class,’ I learned a lot about Tourette Syndrome, but you went more in-depth with the facts.”

“My cousin has Tourette, and I could never understand him, but after your presentation I understand how he feels.”

“I learned a lot about Tourette Syndrome! I enjoy writing fantasies as well! You really inspired me to become a better writer. Maybe I’ll write a book one day and send it to a publisher!”

Wow! Tess was just blown away and so proud! She really felt like she made a difference in people’s lives that day!

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