Looking for wisdom from other TS parents

A few weeks ago, my 10 year old son started having continual vocal and motor tics from morning till night. I found the accelerated process from one day to the next of the tics appearing very overwhelming and frightening. I found his inability to get to sleep because the tics were keeping him awake unbearable. I found taking him to all of the tests of MRI, EEG, bloods,urine, alternative therapists, pediatricians, neurologist etc exhausting and expensive. We have a diagnosis of Tourettes Syndrome and I am struggling….a little less now as the acceptance sets in. Just wanted to connect with other Mothers who have been through a similar experience to get some wisdom from them about how to get through this one for him and me and to get any info about treatments that have worked for their children. Thank You.


  1. Hi, our son has vocal and motor tics since 4 months now. He has always had behavioural problems. He turned 4 in December. I’m also struggling, and constantly looking for remedies that might help him. Guess I haven’t accepted it yet. The uncerntainty about the future is the worst. A worried belgian mum.

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